Kuhn K51 Spreader

The K51 versatile spreader can spread salt, sand, gravel and fertilisers.

In winter they will ensure pedestrians safety when waling on paths, pavements and public or private roads. In spring or summer, they can be used for park maintenance (fertiliser applications on lawns, sanding, etc.).

Thanks to its original design, the K51 can either be hand-pushed or pulled by a small tractor. The modification from push - pull only takes a few minutes.

An Efficient Agitator

The agitator design provides a smooth and regular flow of all products while taking care of its granular surface.

Double Drive

The two driving wheels provide excellent roadholding in winter ensuring an efficient distribution and limit damage to lawns.

Simple and Precise

The finely graduated adjustment plate and the adjustable deflectors enables precise application and spreading widths.

RRP: £792 - DOUBLE A PRICE: £595*

*Subject to VAT