New Dakota at Cardross Golf Club

Cardross Golf Club recently took delivery of their new Dakota 412 towed spinning disc top dresser.


Head Greenkeeper, Ross McLeish, (Pictured) looked at all the suitable machines on the market and his preferred choice was the Dakota 412 after having had the 410 model on demo, a couple of years ago.


The 412 has the same disc set up as the 410, but can hold up to three times more material, approx. three tonnes when filled. With 4 x 14" Ultra-trac tyres, Ross has no problem taking the Dakota 412 across his greens, and with the extra hopper capacity the number of trips back to the sheds to fill up is kept to a minimum


We are the sole dealer of Dakota / Campey Turfcare equipment in Scotland. If you would like further information on their full range of products, please do not hesitate to contact us

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