Ferris / Wright

Specialists in Professional Groundcare Equipment


Ferris - Built to be the hardest working and smoothest ride on mowers.

Ferris zero turn ride-on mowers offer the very best in mowing efficiency and operator comfort. The patented suspension system, operating independently on each wheel, smoothes out uneven turf. The suspension virtually eliminates shock to the chassis ensuring a flat ride, superior operator comfort, increased ground and mowing speeds, stability and mower life.

If you need a walk behind commercial mower, there’s no better choice than a Ferris. You can expect years of operator friendly, reliable, high productivity operation.


Wright - Built to offer great flexibility and increased productivity

The Wright Stander is the commercial mower designed to go where other mowers simply cannot. It’s patent protected stand-on mowing position and perfect centre of gravity, allows you to shift your weight and balance to take on uneven and changing terrain. As a zero turn mower, the Stander’s superb manoeuvrability takes on tight spaces with ease meaning that no grassed area is off limits.

(Sit down and pedestrian option also available)


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